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Trigger Point Dry NeedlingDo you experience muscle spasms and muscle tension? If so, then Trigger Point Dry Needling (TrP-DN) may be an effective treatment to alleviate pain.

TrP-DN has been known to produce results in treating muscle spasms and muscle tension that is accompanies conditions like nerve irritation, arthritis, muscle and ligament strains as well as herniated discs. It has also been known to reduce soreness and tenderness in trigger point areas, which are hyperirritable spots in a muscle. TrP-DN is a specialized technique and the therapists at Oklahoma Physical Therapy, effectively treat patients with face, neck, lower back, shoulders, arms, feet and hands utilizing this technique.

Trigger Point Dry Needling is an invasive procedure using an acupuncture needle that desensitizes and deactivates trigger points. A solid filament needle is repeatedly inserted into the myofascial trigger point to manually cause a local twitching response in the muscle.

TrP-DN uses an acupuncture needle because it is small, solid, very fine and doesn’t hurt as it passes through the skin as compared to a hollow injection needle. The acupuncture needle is also known to be less invasive.

Individuals with sports injuries, chronic pain or overuse injuries will benefit the most from trigger point dry needling. While there are many benefits of TrP-DN, the more common benefits are listed below:

  1. Provides a longer lasting pain relief
  2. Improved blood flow
  3. Immediate relief of symptoms
  4. Elimination of tension
  5. Releasing of tight muscles
  6. Increased healing time
  7. Aids in creating pain free range of motion
  8. Reduced pain and healing of:
    1. Chronic Muscles
    2. Tendon and Joint Injuries
  9. Helps with getting you back to exercising and enjoying daily activities

If you experience headaches and neck pain, frozen shoulder, shoulder and arm pain, low back, hip, buttock, quadriceps and hamstring pain, TMJ pain or Plantar Fasciitis, then we recommend you make an appointment with one of our trained physical therapists at Oklahoma Physical Therapy to create a customized treatment plan that would include Trigger Point Dry Needle.

Each session should last about 30 minutes however depending on the treated area, your appointment may be more or less than 30 minutes. We also recommend up to six sessions although most patients experience effective results after only one treatment.

After your very first treatment your muscles will feel tired and sore as if you completed a great workout or after too much activity. This achy feeling might last for one to two days however the pain should be reduced and you should be able to perform your daily activities.

At Oklahoma Physical Therapy our trained and skilled physical therapists main goal is to help you get back to a pain free range of motion whether that is with trigger point dry needling or various other techniques. Contact us today at 405-749-6281 or visit us at www.oklahomaphysicaltherapy.com/make-appointment/ to make an appointment with one of our physical therapists who will partner with you to create a custom treatment plan!





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