25Apr, 2018

Back Pain Treatments

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25% of Americans will experience pain in the lower back within a three-month period of time. Most of the time the pain is mild and will eventually go away. However, there are times when the pain will not disappear, it returns or worsens which tends to cause a decrease in everyday activities. Most back pain is often over treated, leading a patient to have unnecessary surgeries, pain medicines and expensive hospital bills. There is an alternative, physical therapy. Physical therapy is a much more cost-efficient treatment and a better option […]

30Nov, 2016

Back Pain Habits and Physical Therapy Benefits

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Do you experience chronic back pain? It has been published that there are everyday habits that create back pain. With physical therapy and changing your habits you can decrease the pain in your back. These 7 habits, as published in Every Day Health, by Kristen Stewart can cause back pain and need to be avoided Non-Exercise Poor Posture Incorrect Lifting Techniques Overweight Smoking Lack of Calcium and Vitamin D Being Sedentary By avoiding these habits you will help protect and strengthen your back muscles. While working to change your habits, […]