19Sep, 2017

What to Expect from your First Visit with Dr. Mackenzie Barnes – Women’s Health Specialist

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It is common for clients to feel some uneasiness about their first treatment session in pelvic floor physical therapy, but our therapist is good at making you feel as comfortable as possible by being a good listener and empathizing with you. Many clients have said and feel the same way you might, so you should not be worried in telling them any stories or worries you may have. Clients come from many walks of life. Their journeys have been longer for some than others and our therapist wants to know […]

19Jun, 2017

Pelvic Pain, Also Known as Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

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One out of every 5 Americans suffer with one type or another of pelvic pain which is also known as pelvic floor dysfunction. Many Americans go untreated as for most the pain has been unidentified. What is Pelvic Floor Pain? The pelvic floor is made of tissues and muscles which form a sling that goes from the pubic bone to the tailbone which assists in supporting the pelvic organs as well as the abdominal organs. This support helps control the bladder, bowels and sexual activity. When the muscles of the […]