Have You Tried Aquatic Therapy?

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In our millennial generation, many people experience  various health conditions that have made them weak and/or disabled. Could it because of the poor lifestyles or environmental factors? Well, whichever the case, the good news is, you don’t have to live  with the  pain  or weakness. Why? Because Oklahoma Physical Therapy has you covered with their aquatic therapy technique. So what is aquatic therapy and how does it function?

Understanding Aquatic Therapy

In simple terms, this  type of treatment along with other exercises  take place in the water. Aquatic therapy is usually performed by a physical therapist. This type of therapy aims at bringing wellness, health, rehabilitation, treatment, and fitness among others, to the patients. Irrespective of your age, aquatic therapy can be very helpful if you are suffering from neuromuscular, spinal or cardiovascular diseases and other conditions.

At Oklahoma Physical Therapy our trained physical therapist will performs  aquatic therapy alongside the patient with or without equipment. However aquatic therapy  utilizes buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure.

Buoyancy causes some upward thrust which is against gravity hence supporting weak muscles. Hydrostatic pressure is a kind of force that the water exerts on any immersed body even without doing any exercise. The water does the therapy even without doing any exercise. So why should you go for aquatic therapy? Let’s look at that briefly.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

When you combine the therapeutic effects and properties of water with some exercises in water as per the directions of the aquatic therapist, you will experience the following:

  • Strengthened muscles – if you have some weak muscles, this therapy will strengthen you up.
  • Pain relief – the aquatic comfort enables blood supply and relaxation which decreases the level of pain
  • Improved support – since there is uniform pressure in the water, the buoyancy creates balance
  • Reduction in tones – when the therapist is treating your muscles in the water, it creates neutral relief that reduces any abnormal tone
  • Increases flexibility – the reduced force of gravity in water gives you a range of movements and relief.

At Oklahoma Physical Therapy, our trained aquatic therapists will work with you to achieve your health goals by creating a customized treatment plan. Book your appointment with us today to reap the benefits of aquatic therapy.

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