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    Referral Needed

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  • Dry Needling

    We offer an alternative pain relief that aids to
    alleviate soreness and tenderness that is associated
    with trigger points/muscle spasm, inflammation, and chronic pain,
    and uses an acupuncture needle
  • Back Pain
    Spine Physical Therapy

    We provide spine physical therapy which is a
    therapy treatment for injury or pain related to
    the neck, upper back, lower back and pelvis.
  • Women’s Health
    Physical Therapy

    At Oklahoma Physical Therapy our trained women’s
    health physical therapist can help relieve back and
    pelvic pain during and after pregnancy.

We are Oklahoma Physical Therapy

At Oklahoma Physical Therapy our mission is to offer physical therapy services to restore, maintain and improve the wellness of our patients. Our purpose is to provide physical therapy services to all patients who have impairments, functional limitations, disabilities or changes in physical function and health status resulting from injury, disease or other process.

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Oklahoma Physical Therapy Services

We know that physical therapy is a specialized service. The right approach must be specially designed for each individual patient – specific to the injury grade, severity or physical capabilities. Our specialists will work with you to create the best possible recovery plan. We’re dedicated to piecing together the most strategic and realistic healthiness plan to ensure you are informed and healing in a safe and efficient way.

Why Choose Us

At Oklahoma Physical Therapy patient care is a top priority.
Our physical therapists and physical therapist assistants are experts in designing treatment care to make each patient’s visit specific to their needs. From spinal dysfunction, orthopedic extremity disorders, head related injuries, musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, back pain to post-operative rehabilitation we are trained to treat our patients with the best care.
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